On June, 20th 2015, we shot the demo reel ß’Old Boy’ on location at the ‘International Motors Cologne’ in Cologne, Germany. Most of the shots were captured with our XCAM 1050, which was mounted to a Polecam system operated by Peter Balogh.

We also used the XFusion 2 camera system with a B4 mount lens, operated by Crosscast CEO and director Jens Wolf. The functional and flexible relationship between the Polecam system and the XCAM 1050 is fantastic, which can be seen in the Making Of video below.

Especially for commercials, corporate videos, and live sport productions, this Polecam/XCAM combination can create spectacular camera movements in the blink of an eye, with up to 70% cost savings compared to classic high-speed camera systems mounted to cranes with remote heads. Our CROSSCAST production truck also reduced set up and production times, while the Polecam integrated with the XCAM captured unique camera movements. 90% of all high-speed shots were captured on the XCAM 1050.

Making Of ‘Old Boy’:
Get a closer look at how we used CROSSCAST technology to shoot ‘Old Boy’ in our Making Of! See how these incredible shots were captured by the operators Peter Balogh (Polecam with XCAM 1050) and director Jens Wolf (XFusion). Additionally we show how a multi camera workflow can be used for commercial productions.

Behind the scenes – one day with Nouschkas Play
This is a shared video from performer Nouschka (Diana Murtagh) for her YouTube Videoblog Nouschka Play. We had an amazing time with her! See for yourself!