The CROSSCAST XCAM is a full HD micro camera with 2/3″ global shutter CMOS sensor technology, capable of capturing up to 50/60p frame rates via 3G. The interchangeable lens mount can handle C-Mount lenses. The iris and focus can be fully motorized, and the mobile truck remote control systems guarantee a highly integrated micro camera system for live sports and events, entertainment productions, and feature film. The small camera head outer dimensions measure 53 x 42 x 44 (L x W x H) and only weighs 128g. This small, but powerful, piece of technology provides you with exactly the camera angle you need.


Regardless of its compact size (3.5x20x20cm), the XCAM CCU is an outstanding piece of technology. The inputs from the XCAM head are Cameralink, and the two outputs are HDSDI: 1x for recording and 1x for monitoring. A 3pin XLR connector enables access to the camera control via RS485 for mobile truck controllers and hand units, or via windows-based CROSSCAST camera control software. The power consumption is less than 12 Watts at 12 Volts, guaranteeing the battery can function for extended periods of time. Additionally, the distance between the camera and the CCU can be extended up to 5m.

Focus-/Iris Control

The Focus/Iris-Module controls the positioning of the focus and iris rings on the lens. While other systems only move right/left until the stop position, our solution recognizes the motor’s position via a calibration process, and can re-position it precisely. In addition to control via the OCP, external controllers such as the Chrosziel Aladin system can be used to drive the motor system. The distance between the motors and the lens are adjustable, ensuring that the system can easily integrate on to each lens precisely.

OCPXCAM operator control panel – OCP

The XCAM mobile truck controller OCP is easily and quickly integrated into your pre-existing set-up. All CROSSCAST system devices are connected via a RS485 bus system, so all control connections can extend up to 1km (or converted to fiber for an almost unlimited distance). This system is the best choice for live broadcast applications when the camera is used in a multi-camera environment with mobile trucks or playout centers. Shading and Iris control can be easily set up within a few moments.

XCAM 1050 Fiber solution

The XFiber adaptor is a multi-camera fiber adaptor used for extending the camera up to large distances. The system uses a fiber cable to connect the CCU with the OCP/RCP in the production environment. It functions using full video output on 2 channels (live and high-speed playout), and a full serial connection for shading and high-speed operation. Redundant power supplies is also included. The fiber solution is built into a 19 inch housing, which is easily integrated into any production environment.